Saturday, 6 July 2019

Ain't Misbehaving - not at my age anyway - a new New Mill song for the 'Temperance Seven' Concert

'Fats Waller wrote this oft-recorded jazz tune with lyricist Andy Razaf and composer Harry Brooks for the off-Broadway revue Connie's Hot Chocolates. Even though the narrator is lonely, he promises to stay true to his lover and he "ain't misbehavin" by staying out late or flirting with other women. Waller told Eddie "Rochester" Anderson (of Jack Benny fame) that he wrote the song on a miniature piano while in jail on an alimony charge. His lawyer sold the song to a publisher for $250 so Waller could pay back his alimony and get out of jail.'

From songfacts

'“Ain’t Misbehavin” has resurfaced many times over the years and interpreted by many jazz artists, including Anita O’Day, Nat “King” Cole, Django Reinhardt and Dave Brubeck. It was also adapted as a rockabilly tune by Bill Haley & His Comets in 1957 and sung by actor Burt Reynolds in the comedy film Lucky Lady (1975).'

From jazziz

We have just started rehearsing this song, as a joint item I think. It's a bit odd at the moment, but we'll get the hang of it. Quiet period for the choir just now.

October 12th 
Town Hall Huddersfield