Monday, 11 February 2019

Swinglo updates on New Mill MVC

Alan the MD has taken a second holiday within a month - lucky him - he didn't have any holiday last year. Anyway, a double dose of Elizabeth which we all enjoy.

Our new pieces from the Scarborough workshop weekend (in no particular order):

  • Hallelujah - 1984 Leonard Cohen song. The draft contained 80 verses. Covered by lots of singers, including Alexandra Burke and Jeff Buckley who topped the UK singles chart in December 2008 - first time ever to have the same song at 1 and 2. Leonard was number 34.
  • Always on My Mind - top 20 hit for Elvis 1972, John Wesley Riles 1979, Willie Nelson 1982, Pet Shop Boys 1987. 300 recordings by dozens of artists. Elvis released it within weeks of separating from Priscilla.
  • "Anthem" from Chess - we first sang this back in Llandudno days which is pre 2008. The song describes the feelings of Soviet Russian chess challenger, Anatoly Sergievsky, when he defects. A concept album and later musical. First sung by Tommy Koberg in 1984.
  • Love Changes Everything - released as a single in 1989 from musical Aspects of Love composed by Andrew Lloyd-Webber. A love song.
  • All for Me Grog - traditional folk song originally popular with sailors, later adopted by folk music performers and pub singers. A tale of sacrificing everything for drink and tobacco.

The New Mill MVC music committee is going to function throughout the year. Get your ideas in quick. I've already suggested we bring back Softly and Londonderry Air.

Sadly three recent funerals and many thanks to those who donated generously.

Lots of positive feedback from the Mrs Sunderland workshop day featuring the Messiah at the Town Hall.

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