Tuesday, 31 July 2018

What do New Mill MVC members think about the choir?

I came late to singing by accident, looking for pastimes in a new community having had a late career move south. In common with a lot of choir members I find a lot of pleasure in working with an entirely new subject and I’m sure we all find it quite therapeutic. [Grew up in S Africa and W Indies. Scotland to complete his education and get a career].

Bob Carrick 2006

I have always loved music and enjoyed the rich sound of a male voice choir. For me, music is relaxing and healing and singing has a wonderful way of lifting the spirits. Thanks to Ed Turner, who brought me to a rehearsal. Despite little musical experience, the choir’s comradeship, picking up with old friends and making new ones, made me feel at home. Learning new skills has been a stretch, but very rewarding.

Robert Coombs 2011

Since schooldays I’ve enjoyed singing and performing. Harmonising with others is a great stress buster. I love the diversity of the choir membership and the warm, unforced, non-judgemental welcome that new members receive.
Graham Evans 2005

I joined the choir in 1994. Despite dad playing euphonium in a brass band and my Junior School head overdosing us on Paul Robeson and Andy Stewart, I suffer from that relatively common choir malady known as dissonance. I’m also a member of the elite deaf section, so I don’t have a lot musical going for me. Could it be that I appreciate our spine-tingling harmonies simply through friendship and camaraderie? Well maybe not since I sit between Clive and Andy.

Geoff Gill 2005