Sunday, 10 June 2018

Three choirs and a band triumph at Sheffield Cathedral

by Dave Walker, 10th June 2018Great audience and stunning venue for Mark Rotchell's memorial concert

informal moments as the choirs prepare for the rehearsal

Moments from the concert and afterwards

Traditional fare last night at Sheffield Cathedral, performed with control and passion in memory of Mark Rotchell, Chairman of Worrall MVC. The pick for many was Highland Cathedral by Loxley, its percussion section and three guest pipers. Pic of Alan and the choirs courtesy of Anne Lane.
  Happy memories of our previous appearance here as guests of Worrall. And what about the time we sang with Brighouse and Rastrict at Cutler's Hall? Tony Capstick compered, up until he was gently guided into his dressing room for being, frankly, blathered.
  The cathedral has been refurbished with new floor and pews. Magnificent acoustics. Inspiring occasion - best wishes to Mark's family.