Sunday, 29 April 2018

Dave Walker's pics on swinglo-viewfromthebackrow

A very small choir visit to Lockwood Park, home of Huddersfield RUFC.

Tom and Dave Walker didn't make it to the pic.

Also featuring the exceedingly smart U14s and a bemused David Talboys.

We won the game, but apparently it didn't make any difference to anything. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

New Mill MVC are guests of 'Sing Your Rocks Off' at King's Hall, Ilkley

New Mill MVC joined ilkley's latest choir, 'Sing Your Rocks Off'

Going north, we are more used to travelling to Wensleydale and Swaledale, but Wharfedale is good too. Bound for Ilkley, a lovely small town, home of the King's Hall, which was opened in 1908 as town hall, library and theatre. The Winter Garden was added in 1914.
  Ged Faricy used to be a tenor with New Mill MVC, a soloist no less. He now lives in Ilkley and has started a men’s choir known as ‘Sing Your Rocks Off’. He and his choir kindly invited us to sing with them at the King’s Hall last Saturday night. A charity fund-raiser for Spinal Research. And enjoyable it was.
  In my view New Mill was competent and workmanlike under the guidance of Elizabeth and Sue.
  Roger Davies was great.
  ‘Sing Your Rocks Off’ was a revelation. Some of their singing was raw, some smooth and accomplished, and there were the inevitable sketchy moments. Entertaining, amusing and moving nevertheless. Especially moving when the unaccompanied voices soared and whispered in turn, catching the mood of the pieces. I don’t know what their longer term aim is, but they could become much more than a bunch of blokes having a sing, as long as they don’t lose that raw edge.
  Thanks to Rob Shelton, who sponsored the concert and who suffers from spinal injury. He is an active trustee of the Spinal Research charity,

Clic on the links to hear how they perform

New Mill MVC and 'Sing Your Rocks Off' audiovisual 1

New Mill MVC and 'Sing Your Rocks Off' audiovisual 2

New Mill MVC celebrate at rehearsal

Happy anniversary to Ed, baritone and much loved former MD, Elizabeth

New Mill MVC celebrate the Happy Couple's wedding anniversary, Ed, baritone and Elizabeth, much loved former MD.

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018