Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Skye Boat Song

Over 20 years ago I joined a singing evening class at Holmfirth High. The tutor was a Welsh tenor called Len Williams. It wasn't a step too far to move across to New Mill Male Voice Choir.
  Len was a legend with his stories and his irritability, but he got a choir going from the dubious resource of The Duke of Leeds taproom. We performed concerts and went on tour and became attractive to new and seasoned singers alike. We improved.
  The Skye Boat Song was a practice piece in the evening class. He obviously imagined and expected too much when he and Catherine visited the West of Scotland. Over the sea to Skye was not an uncertain distant destination, fraught with danger. His face fell as he described the road bridge from the Kyle.
  Len was the founder of the choir and jealous of others who wished to influence its running and direction, for example the committee. Eventually he left, but a great legacy.

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