Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Reasons for singing

Chris Rowbury writes (http://chrisrowbury.com)

1. Singing is a community activity
Making friends with people from different backgrounds who have a shared interest in singing. Contributing to a shared goal through teamwork.

2. Singing creates a sense of achievement
Improving singing technique and vocal skills. Remembering words and melodies and nailing a new song before performing in a concert in front of an audience. Being challenged by more difficult material.
3. Singing together makes for a great sound
Through harmonising with others in rehearsal and performance, creating together to make a really good big musical sound. Getting positive feedback from audiences after working hard on a song.

4. Singing is good for your health
Physical - warm-ups improve the body’s flexibility, sense of rhythm, balance, self-awareness, etc.
            - aerobic activity increases oxygenation in the blood stream and exercises major muscle groups.
            - singing can increase lung capacity, improve posture, clear respiratory tubes and sinuses.
             - healthier heart and immune system.
Mental   - reduces stress levels, increases mental alertness and emotional well-being.
             - choral singers are happier, more alert and relaxed after a rehearsal.

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