Sunday, 10 November 2019

New Mill MVC's newest SUPERSTAR - EMIDIO

An email dropped out of cyberspace last night. Emidio wrote:

"Should have mentioned this, Tuesday.
   Tickets went on sale from 1st November for a Huddersfield Light Opera Company production of Jesus Christ Superstar, six evening performances and an extra Saturday matinee.  
   I auditioned for Caiaphas and got the part. Doesn’t interfere with choir, at all, rehearsals are Mondays. Time enough to get on top of the part, I hope. 
   Performances are at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, 20-25th April 2020."

KEY INFORMATION from Stageagent

Adult, Mature Adult
Non Dancer
C2 (low C)
Biblical era israel

We first heard of this at the rugby club lunch 13 of us attended last Saturday. We performed 3-4 numbers and were appreciated. The game went well with a convincing win for Lockwood Park. No rain and the Osset Blonde was excellent.

Back to Caiaphas. Role size is interesting - large would be more accurate, but I guess Emidio will be pleased that he's not expected to dance. 
  Emidio, how do you feel about being an outspoken murderer? 

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Russian 'flash mobs' and national anthems - don't forget 'The Temperance Seven'

Local music society looks at some Russian 'flash mobs' and national anthems - don't forget 'The Temperance Seven'
A recent local music appreciation session at Holmfirth U3A covered 'Russian Flashmobs' and 'Anthems'.
  The flashmobs appeared informally in car parks, high street shops and supermarkets. There were also formal choir concert excerpts and small groups who simply turned up and sang. Moscow, Siberia, Leningrad and others. There were a couple of points for me. First the audiences. The flashmob audiences were surprised and delighted and at the finish joined in. Presumably the concerts were performed to audiences, but they were heard not seen. The small groups sang to themselves with no one listening. I've experienced this in Inverie, Scotland and at the Male Choir Festival, Cornwall. Get into a circle and enjoy harmony and singing for their own sakes - people can listen if they wish but it's not mandatory.
  Second, singing in Russian. We couldn't understand, but we were an equally delighted audience. The flashmobs included acrobats and everyone was smiling and moving. Infectious. The concerts and small groups had to rely on their singing quality and choice of music. Kalinka and The Red Army Choir didn't inspire me. A girls' choir was marginally better. The small groups, all girls, went for tight harmonies and gentle music. They moved and smiled and looked at each other. I could have listened to more. It's vocalisation (clic and see Rod Williams) - music and voices and body language and an audience that wants to do the same.
  What makes a good anthem? Much of the following: large or small audiences having an inspired experience, instinctive, emotional, not planned, people with something in common - young, old, generational, country, district, oppression, triumph (I could go on) - adopted by sports and other organisations, traditional or modern music, dramatic chorus.
  So again it's the audience that confers power to an anthem. And again voices alone or with music. Not always in recognisable language. I defy anyone to be down the Arms Park, Cardiff before an international and not be moved by 90,000 singing the Welsh National Anthem.
  Examples - God Save Our/The Queen, Rule Brittania, Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem.
  With apologies may I add Born in the USA (Springsteen), You'll Never Walk Alone (Gerry and the Pacemekers), My Generation (The Who).
  Is your fist pumping into the air? It's an anthem. The audience says so.

New Mill MVC are in concert at Huddersfield Town Hall with 

The Temperance Seven on 12th October

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Will Noble and family - don't forget THE TEMPERANCE SEVEN

Roderick Williams has featured previously on the blog - choral singing. Lately, his radio4 podcasts outlined some social history behind singing - (clic on A Singer's Guide to Britain). Songs are about people and places and belonging. Whenever and wherever their origins they help us make sense of our world. Folk songs especially seem to define who we are. Among pieces of welsh singing, Billy Bragg talking about English identity and Robbie Burns, guess who pops up? Cuthbert and Lydia Noble, children of the famous Holme Valley Will Noble, with songs about the local area and dry-stone walling.
Barry Meeres and I share experiences of cycling a ridiculous distance up and down Holme Moss (clic on here for mountain bike challenge) and a dry-stone walling course up on Crosland Moor (clic on here for dry-stone walling). We enjoyed the walling.
  Will Noble released an album of his favourites, including the Watter Rattle made infamous by non other than our Chairman, John Mallinson. Cuthbert and Lydia also feature. (For a review, clic on). The walls they repair in their day job have endured since the 18th century when the government sanctioned enclosures.

Clic here for an album sample

New Mill MVC are in concert at Huddersfield Town Hall with 

The Temperance Seven on 12th October

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Ain't Misbehaving - not at my age anyway - a new New Mill song for the 'Temperance Seven' Concert

'Fats Waller wrote this oft-recorded jazz tune with lyricist Andy Razaf and composer Harry Brooks for the off-Broadway revue Connie's Hot Chocolates. Even though the narrator is lonely, he promises to stay true to his lover and he "ain't misbehavin" by staying out late or flirting with other women. Waller told Eddie "Rochester" Anderson (of Jack Benny fame) that he wrote the song on a miniature piano while in jail on an alimony charge. His lawyer sold the song to a publisher for $250 so Waller could pay back his alimony and get out of jail.'

From songfacts

'“Ain’t Misbehavin” has resurfaced many times over the years and interpreted by many jazz artists, including Anita O’Day, Nat “King” Cole, Django Reinhardt and Dave Brubeck. It was also adapted as a rockabilly tune by Bill Haley & His Comets in 1957 and sung by actor Burt Reynolds in the comedy film Lucky Lady (1975).'

From jazziz

We have just started rehearsing this song, as a joint item I think. It's a bit odd at the moment, but we'll get the hang of it. Quiet period for the choir just now.

October 12th 
Town Hall Huddersfield

Monday, 20 May 2019

The Northern Choir at Wakefield Cathedral

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Gala Charity Concert with Holmepride Community in Action

Gala Charity Concert with Holmepride Community in Action

Holy Trinity Church, HD9 1HA - Sat. May 25, 2019 7:15 pm

Holmepride Community in Action is a constituted group that was set up in 2017 for local people to improve all aspects of living within the Holme Valley.
They have been involved in many projects where they have improved the environment and amenity value of, for instance, Victoria Park, St John’s Church, Upperthong and the closed Rose and Crown car park in Almondbury.
 They have been highly successful in the local community,winning the Holme Valley Parish Council Community Champion award in 2017 and
HRH The Duke of York’s Community Initiative Award in 2018.
The Choir is delighted to perform this Concert, raising funds to help this Group carry on their fine work in the Holme Valley.

Please visit the choir website to book tickets online.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Swinglo - guest Steve Flynn drops in to write a post

Steve Flynn writes about Upper Denby concert

Spring Voices

New Mill MVC & Denby Dale Ladies' Choir

St John the Evangelist Church, Upper Denby. - Sat. March 16, 2019 7:15 pm

First concert of the year!

The rain fell ceaselessly all day but two Choirs performed admirably in Upper Denby. The joint items, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and Tell me its not True from the musical Blood Brothers went down a storm (sorry!) with the audience and by the end of the concert it had stopped raining! Just shows you what singing can do.
After eight years this was Sarah’s last concert as Musical Director of the Ladies’ Choir. Liz, Chair of Denby Dale Ladies’, recalled the achievements of the Choir since her appointment. Consistent competition success has been a feature over the years and augmented the Choir’s reputation. However, the overriding memory will be the fun the Choir have enjoyed during both rehearsal and concert performances.
watch the following performances